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Tras una breve pausa, ¡Americae vuelve a estar en línea! Venga a visitar nuestros artículos de acceso abierto revisados por pares sobre la arqueología y la etnohistoria de las Américas en y para los autores potenciales, cobramos CERO tasas de publicación.

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Introducing Americae

Welcome to the official blog of Americae: European Journal of Americanist Archaeology

Americae is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to publishing the most recent findings of archaeological, ethnoarchaeological, and ethnohistoric research carried out within all regions of North and South America. Our goal is to reach an international readership of professional archaeologists and other scholars, while meeting the highest standards of academic rigor.

We accept a variety of manuscript types, including “original research articles” (longer pieces that address broad audiences, such as discussions of method and theory, or major findings that are of great importance to larger regions), “reports” (shorter pieces that may address a more specialized audience, such as detailed descriptions of a specific excavation context, a new method protocol, etc.), and “conference proceedings” (a collection of manuscripts produced from a central symposium topic at a professional meeting). In addition, Americae’s editorial board will regularly put out calls for papers centered on specific themes. All manuscripts submitted to Americae are subject to an anonymous peer-review process that involves a minimum of two expert readers. We accept manuscript submissions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Our open access, electronic format allows for rapid dissemination to a broad and diverse audience. Articles are published to Americae’s website immediately upon final acceptance, rather than relying on a set number of issues published on a predetermined schedule. All articles may be printed free of charge as PDF files. In addition to publishing high quality color images and line drawings, our platform also supports data types that are not feasible in traditional paper journals (videos, animations, sound files, etc.).

After being featured on the journal’s homepage for three months, each published article will be archived and accessible on Americae’s website in perpetuity. A search function allows users to find papers based on author, keywords, date of publication, and title. Each article will be dated and assigned a unique ISSN number, as well as a number specific to the journal.

Americae is funded in part by the French Centre national de la recherche scientifique ( The journal will be hosted at, an OpenEdition platform that supports digital journals and book collections in the social sciences and the humanities. Currently, hosts a total of 374 academic journals, from different countries and published in a number of languages ( is a part of Clé (, a center for digital open-access publishing. is affiliated with the CNRS, the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, the University of Aix-Marseille, and the University of Avignon.

Nouveau site web d’Americae

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer le lancement du site d’Americae : revue européenne d’archéologie américaniste. Il s’agit d’une revue électronique en accès libre consacrée à la recherche archéologique et ethnohistorique menée dans toutes les régions d’Amérique du Nord et du Sud.

Mots-clés : Amérique du nord, Mésoamérique, Amérique du sud, Aire caraïbe, archéologie, géoarchéologie, archéométrie, ethnohistoire.

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El nuevo sitio web de Americae

Tenemos el gusto de anunciar la publicación de la revista Americae: Revista Europea de Arqueología Americanista. Es una revista open access que se dedica a la publicación de investigaciones arqueológicas y etnohistóricas realizadas en todas las regiones de las Américas.

Palabras clave: América del norte, Mesoamérica, América del Sur, Caribe, arqueología, arqueometria, etnohistoria.

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