Original Research Articles

In addition to publishing reports and conference proceedings, Americae accepts manuscripts presenting the results of original research in the fields of archaeology and/or ethnohistory carried out in any region of North or South America. Articles present novel findings that interest a broad audience and make a significant contribution to our current state of knowledge. Articles may focus on the results of fieldwork and/or laboratory analyses. Or they might present a synthetic review of current research on a topic of wide interest among archaeologists and ethnohistorians working in the Americas (and perhaps beyond).

Manuscripts should generally not exceed 7,500 words (excluding bibliography). Americae does not publish traditional issues (i.e., a set number of papers on a predetermined schedule). All accepted papers are published to Americae‘s website immediately upon receipt of any requested revisions or corrections. Each article is assigned a unique ISSN number that allows it to be indexed and cited. An article will remain posted to Americae’s homepage for a period of three months. After that, it will be archived in perpetuity on the website, and will searchable by author name, title, subject, date of publication, and keywords.

If you are interested in publishing an original research article with Americae, please contact us at americae [at] mae.cnrs.fr

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